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One more Troupial


They feed birds a little differently in Curacao. This Venezualan Troupial is eating sugar crystals and drinking sugar water at the Hemingway Beach Bar.

We visited Curacao a month ago but I had these last few photos on my desktop and meant to post them, so here we go.


A fantastic bird.


And nearby, a fantastic beast. This iguana watched us eat lunch.

More on the Venezuelan Troupial at Neotropical Birds Online.

The three troupial species have in the past all been lumped under one species. However, the Venezuelan Troupial is the largest and in some ways the visually most unusual of all orioles. It is in shape a big and very bulky oriole with a large and long bill. It has thick and strong legs as well as a well developed long and broad tail. In some ways it looks like an Oriole trying to be a Cacique! The body is largely bright orange, with a black back, black tail and a black hood. The wings have a very big white wing stripe that is noticeable on the perched bird. The head has an odd adornment for an oriole, a patch of bare blue skin behind the eye, also unusual is that the eye is yellow.

First Curacao birds


Crested Caracara on a cactus.

A few birds from our first day in Curacao, with more later.


Bananaquit on a bookshelf in the outdoor cooking and dining area at our lodgings. The Dutch name for them translates as “sugar thief” – they will take the sugar right out of your sugar bowl.


Flamingos at the salt pond in Sint Willebrordus. I have more photos of these beautifully colored birds to share tomorrow.


A boldly colored Troupial after sunrise. They are New World orioles in the blackbird family.