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Peacock skirmish

Peahen on a Rio rooftop, with her pretty green neck glinting in the sun. She’s above it all.

The females of the Indian peafowl (peahens) are dressed in simple brown and white with green at the neck. The males (peacocks) are a different story. See my photos from last week HERE.

The peahen was sitting calmly on a roof while down below a group of peacocks (known as a pride, or ostentation) was having a sort of battle on either side of this barrier.

They were running around, squawking, and popping their heads up over the fence to see the other side. Occasionally one would jump over, or go around, and join the other team. I couldn’t make sense of it.

Maybe all the fuss was because mating season is beginning. First make war, then make love.

Here’s a very different looking bird… a weird color variation?

There are some “white” peacocks in Rio – not totally white but with more white on their bodies than the others.