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It’s been a snowy winter

red-breasted nuthatch

Red-breasted Nuthatch in rainy snow. We got another inch or so of white stuff yesterday.

Hard to get a photo of this zippy little bird, it never holds still.

An intense bundle of energy at your feeder, Red-breasted Nuthatches are tiny, active birds of north woods and western mountains.

I’m not sure if this bird is a winter visitor or resident. It likes suet, suet dough, peanuts, and some part of the bird seed mix I get from Agway. It’s quite small compared to the other birds.

Speaking of winter, Boston breaks seasonal snowfall record with 108.6 inches

Boston is an hour south. We have received around the same amount or more of snow this year, so maybe coastal New Hampshire has broken a record too? It’s been quite a winter, anyway. And I speak as someone who has been out in it every school day, early morning and afternoon, driving a school bus for fun and profit.

Four days till official spring. Vernal equinox is at 6:45 p.m. EDT on Friday, March 20.

Red-breasted Nuthatch!

Red-breasted Nuthatch

“Red-breasted Nuthatch!”


“Look! Look! Right there! Oh… it’s gone.”


“It’s back! C’m’ere! Look! See that little nuthatch looking thing?”


“Isn’t that amazing?”


red-breasted nuthatch chickadee

“I’ve never seen one before. They come down from more northern coniferous forests sometimes in winter, I read. How cool is that?”

“Really cool.”

red-breasted nuthatch and chickadee

“Isn’t it cute? It’s so tiny. Smaller than a chickadee.”

“Yes. Cute.”

“It’s so fast. I can’t believe I’m actually getting some photos.”

red-breasted nuthatch and titmouse

“Hey, it likes my homemade suet dough!”

“Mm hm.”

“I’m pretty sure there are two of them. I hope they keep visiting all winter.”

“Me too.”

red-breasted nuthatch v chickadee

“I’m counting for Project Feederwatch today, so I can include it. Also it’s #96 on my eBird list. I started keeping track of birds last January and my rule was I could count them if I also got a photo.”

“Do you think you will get to 100 before the New Year?”

“Yes but I’ll probably have to go look somewhere other than the backyard. Want to take a drive along the coast with me and my camera?”

“I can’t think of anything I’d rather do.”