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Purple martins and tree swallows nesting

tree swallow seabrook

Tree swallow at home.

Nest box off Cross Beach Road, Seabrook Beach, Hampton-Seabrook Estuary. Took a ride out there on Sunday morning.

nest boxes cross beach road

On the north side of the road out into the marsh, colorful nest boxes and mostly tree swallows.

purple martins cross beach road

On the south side of the road, more nest boxes and a purple martin gourd rack.

gourd rack purple martins

Volunteers affiliated with New Hampshire Audubon put up the rack last year, after they noticed some martin pairs nesting in nearby boxes.

purple martins

Looks like the purple martins are happy with their new digs.

purple martins

Some pairs still prefer their old seaside summer cottages.

purple martins

I admire the creativity of the nest box builder(s)!

Great resource for learning about and tracking purple martins: PMCA

tree swallows

Tree swallow pair.

Avian bug control specialists, they are nice to have around if you live next to a marsh.

More photos on Flickr: Purple martins and tree swallows nesting