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Big color bird


Juxtaposition. Sandhill Crane and Chilean Flamingo, together at the Palm Beach Zoo.


Sandhill Cranes we see in Florida, Chilean Flamingos not so much.


Not quite as large, but more intensely pink-orange… the American (aka Caribbean) Flamingo, also at the Palm Beach Zoo.


Only recently have scientists concluded that YES flamingos are native to Florida.

Miami Herald: Is century-old flamingo mystery finally solved?

Early naturalists spotted plenty flamingos, but never made a definitive decision. A century later, after plume hunters ravaged the state, they’d mostly disappeared. Now, a comprehensive study recently published in the American Ornithological Society’s journal The Condor finally provides an answer: Flamingos are likely natives, though their footprint in Florida is as light as their hot pink feathers.


I’d love to hop across the water someday and see the flamingos in the Bahamas, on Great Inagua Island. Over 80,000 of them!

Audubon: The Bahamas are filled with flamingos once again


Flamingo feeding with its eyes open.


That color! Love it.


Ballerina bird.


Tutu beautiful.

Not the plastic kind or the zoo kind


As promised, more flamingos from the salt ponds at Sint Willibrordus.

From the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance, the Caribbean flamingo, known locally as Chogogo…

Curaçao also has a small but important colony of 200 to 300 individuals that arrived from Bonaire in the mid 1980s during a particularly rainy year. The Jan Kok salt ponds have received protection since 1999 due to their importance for the population. Curaçao flamingos also regularly fly out to Venezuela where food is more plentiful.

First Curacao birds


Crested Caracara on a cactus.

A few birds from our first day in Curacao, with more later.


Bananaquit on a bookshelf in the outdoor cooking and dining area at our lodgings. The Dutch name for them translates as “sugar thief” – they will take the sugar right out of your sugar bowl.


Flamingos at the salt pond in Sint Willebrordus. I have more photos of these beautifully colored birds to share tomorrow.


A boldly colored Troupial after sunrise. They are New World orioles in the blackbird family.