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Our little blue friend


This is Elmer. He is our resident bluebird.

He spends nights alone in the bluebird house in our backyard. He has no bluebird friends. He pals around with chickadees, titmice, and other feeder regulars. Flocks of 5 to 7 bluebirds visit sometimes then move on, leaving Elmer behind.

He likes homemade suet dough and standing on the railing under the suet cake cages waiting for woodpeckers to knock off pieces of suet. We see him almost every day.

Piece of sky


The Bluebird is a Cut Above all others. He seeks nothing in return for his superior being. For his unique color and personality he ask not for special favors. He appreciates your admiration and thanks you for your help. The fact, that in his world, you cared for him is the only fact that mattered. – Wendell Long, 2005

A bluebird, famous for the scrap of sky
Borne on his back – an indigo so bright
That just a glimpse of his distinctive flight,
All swoop and flurry, captivates the eye …
– George Bradley, “New Yorker”, p. 146, Mar. 19, 2001

The bluebird, instantly winsome to young and old alike and to people of modern and traditional sensibilities alike, is American idealism personified – a flying piece of sky, a living poem, a crystal note, an emblem of nature’s moral conscience. – Stanwyn G Shetler, forward to Larry Zeleny’s The Bluebird, How you can Help Its Fight for Survival, 1975

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Oh, hey


Hello, bluebird!

First Eastern Bluebird I have seen at the backyard feeders and birdbath in a long time. I counted three. This is a female, but I didn’t get a good look at the other two. They also checked out the old bluebird house, possibly for winter nighttime roosting potential.

I have seen flocks of bluebirds way out back by the red maple swamp. Also last Friday visiting family in Swarthmore, PA we watched flock after flock of migrating bluebirds pass overhead, an extraordinary sight.

He’s charming me

bluebird begs

This bluebird is not just accidentally cute. He is begging for mealworms.

He knows I have some live ones now (they are in the refrigerator), because I’ve been putting some out once a day when I see any bluebirds. He can see me in the house through the window.

There are some peanuts in the bluebird feeder but he would rather have mealworms, thank you.


porch blue

Bluebird seen through deck railing.

The deck furniture has been put away for months of cold and white but yesterday I found an old plastic chair and sat out in sunshine with the birds. It got up to 56 degrees!


I observed the two male bluebirds continuing to vie for the honor of food provider to the female. (At least, this is what I think they are doing.) They chase each other from the feeders, zooming like little blue jet fighters.


The female has leisure time to feed, while her suitors eye her and each other from branches in the trees closest to the feeders.

May the best man win.

We are back to cold today, with rain and sleet and snow on the way. But we had a nice taste of coming spring.

So blue


Eastern Bluebird brings happiness… to lady with camera on the other side of the sliding glass door.

Look at that COLOR.


Two males and one female have been visiting consistently for about a week. The males chase each other away from the food and do not share like they did when it was colder and more wintry.

We will probably have a paired up couple soon – maybe we already do. The Gilbertson bluebird house awaits!