A quick look at Bird Island in early spring

Pink bird. Roseate Spoonbill on the sandy shores of Bird Island.

Bird Island, view from a friend’s boat Sunday a week ago.

It’s nesting season on this bird-favorite mangrove island in the Indian River Lagoon, just off Sewall’s Point. We went out to get a look in the late afternoon.

We saw Brown Pelicans, spoonbills and a Great Blue Heron on the small beach.

A small squad of pelicans soared past the treetops, where Wood Storks are nesting.

Wood Storks are the stars of the show on Bird Island because there are so many of them. I was going to attempt a count for eBird but it would be like counting stars in the sky.

Wood Storks are mostly white, with bare heads and black feathers under their wings. We see them in the trees in Sewall’s Point at this time of year, breaking off sticks to carry to the island and build nests.

Wood Storks in the mangroves.

Also nesting, but in far fewer numbers: Roseate Spoonbills.

It was very windy, as it often is at this time of year, and the boat kept drifting, making it a challenge for our friend to hold a good viewing spot. So we didn’t linger too long.

So much activity!

Besides Wood Storks and spoonbills, there were a few vultures, assorted herons, and some frigatebirds.

Wood Stork wingspan: nearly 9 and a half feet!

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