Ospreys nesting on light poles at the skate park and ballfields

A pair of Ospreys has been trying to build a nest on top of this light pole at the Rio-Jensen skate park on Dixie Highway in Jensen Beach, FL… but the sticks keep falling off.

I’m keeping an eye on them to see if they figure it out.

Red dot is the location of the potential nest, zoom in for close up.

Great location, close to many fish hawk fishing spots in the Stuart/ Jensen Beach area of Martin County including the St. Lucie River, Indian River Lagoon, Atlantic Ocean, and a variety of lakes and wetland ponds.

Messy nesty.

Just beyond the skate park are the ballfields at Langford Park and these fortunate Ospreys scored the only nesting platform I could spot on one of many light poles.

They are on the furthest light pole in the center of this picture, taken early yesterday morning.

There was an Osprey perched on the pole in the middle too, maybe thinking about building a nest?

It would be nice if the county parks would put up a few more platforms here. Although maybe they don’t want Osprey poop and fishy bits on their fields and paths!

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