I found an owl

This owl is not feeling well.

I found it on the grass in a busy park yesterday, at the end of a long, slow walk with my 14-week-old puppy Ruby. It was on its side like this, eyes closed. I bent close and it seemed to be alive so I scooped it up gently – it was so soft – and placed it in the nearest tree.

A quick iPhone photo… looks like the strangest Easter basket.

At home, I posted the photo on the Facebook group What’s This Bird? with these words…

Yes, it’s an Eastern Screech Owl. Initial comments agreed to leave it there, then there were some questions about whether it might be sick since it was on its side. I went back later, found it was gone and called Treasure Coast Wildlife Center to see if someone else brought it in. Yes, they did. The woman on the phone said the owl was sick, they didn’t yet know with what sickness, and they would do their best.

I posted the update on the facebook group. Tremendous interest and engagement… my post garnered 221 likes or loves so far, 33 comments, 5 shares. All these humans from near and far, gathered around the unwell owl, concerned and trying to be of help.

Be well, little owl.

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