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We see Sandhill Cranes

A series of Sandhill Crane photos, from a walk at Green River on December 4. They are the same two cranes, somewhat unhappy that we chose the area for a dog walk.

According to Florida Fish and Wildlife…

Sandhill cranes are iconic members of the Florida ecosystem. They stand almost 4 feet tall and their bugling or rattling calls are frequently heard in natural areas or overhead. Sandhill cranes occur in pastures, open prairies and freshwater wetlands in peninsular Florida from the Everglades to the Okefenokee Swamp.

Florida sandhill cranes are present in many urban areas including golf courses, airports and suburban subdivisions. This is due in part to the rapid development of their native habitat by humans. Cranes are attracted by open settings (mowed grass) and the availability of foods such as acorns, earthworms, mole crickets and turf grubs.

We see Sandhill Cranes fairly often in this place on the west side of Green River Parkway, across from the southern part of Savannas Preserve, in northern Martin County, Florida. Very impressive birds!