Warbler among the sea grapes (plus otter)


What a mug! Boating yesterday, we saw a young otter in the Intracoastal Waterway between Hobe Sound and Jupiter Island.


We pulled up on a narrow strip of beach on the island, narrower than usual because of full moon high tide, and walked through some sea grape trees to the ocean side, at Hobe Island National Wildlife Refuge, Peck Lake (a favorite destination).


There were some warblers in the woods, stopping over on their migration north, including this handsome, puffy Yellow-throated Warbler.


Some of these warblers winter in Florida, but this guy was in a mixed flock with other warblers in a sandy coastal habitat so I figured he was heading north.


Yellow-throated Warblers are found in pine forests, sycamore–bald cypress swamps, and woodlands near streams, especially areas with tall trees and an open understory.


A sign of spring, I say!


On the other side of the Jupiter Island, the Atlantic Ocean, clouds and wind.

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