Say ah, Anhinga


Anhinga at Indian RiverSide Park.


I am Anhinga, hear me roar!

At first glance I thought it was a cormorant because of the thick neck. But it has a straight pointy bill and cormorants have a downward curve at the tip of their bills.


Was it trying to swallow a big fish? I really have no idea.


It had its mouth open the whole time I was taking photos. It wasn’t actually making any sound (like roaring).


This is a female or juvenile, with the light brown neck and upper body.


Long neck.


See how the feathers are wet – looks like wet dog fur, almost. They aren’t waterproof like  a duck’s feathers and need to dry after swimming. One reason Anhingas don’t live in cold places, I guess.


Good swimming feet.


The Amazed – no, Amazing! – Anhinga.

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