Local bucket list bird


Today I finally spotted some of the peacocks of Rio, Florida. I have read and heard about them since I moved here.


We were driving on Dixie when I glanced down the road with the awesome name and there they were. U-turn and quick diversion down the dead end street.

(Checking a map it appears we were actually in Jensen Beach here, at the edge of Rio. And in my 5-mile radius, incidentally.)


Absolutely no fear of the car or the woman hanging out the window with her camera. Curiosity, but no aggression… now that breeding season is over.


Peacock feathers!

Indian Peafowl are native to India but have been widely introduced to other parts of the world. The birds in Rio are descended from a flock kept by movie star turned philanthropist Frances Langford.

Here’s a local news story from last March: Peacocks ruffle some feathers in Rio, but most say they’re part of town’s charm


So blue!

Not truly wild birds, but I’m totally counting these feral fellows on my sidebar. Bird #179!


No need for pink flamingoes on this front lawn. Ornamental peacocks are present.


Feather eyespots.


A couple of members of the next generation.

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