Daily Archives: May 1, 2018

An ear-full of waxwings


Pointy on one end, blunt on the other, the European Starling.


A silhouette of starlings, perched on a wire over a busy street. Why do they like the busiest streets?


Is this Cedar Waxwing singing, or screaming at the top of its lungs?


Big flocks of Cedar Waxwings are still here in Sewall’s Point. Shouldn’t they be heading north by now? Human snowbirds are pretty much gone. Traffic is blessedly light.


Cedar Waxwings are easier to hear than see, unless they are moving across the sky from the tops of one big tree to another.


When they are not eating tree fruit/ berries, they perch close together and hang out, not moving too much.

Collective nouns for waxwings are an ear-full and a museum. (Link.)

A Museum of Wax(wings), get it?


Solo or in small flocks, White Ibis are ubiquitous.


This one was standing on a tree limb across the street from our driveway, keeping a big blue eye on the lady with the camera.