Cardinals in the bird bath


The cardinals have discovered the bird bath.


They don’t just sip from it, or splash a little… they take nice long soaks.


It’s got a solar fountain but they seem to prefer when the fountain is off, when it’s cloudy or the angle of the sun prevents the solar cells from powered the pump.

It’s in a corner of our yard that was overgrown with weeds and small trees. We cleared it, planted a few foxtail palms, some clumping (not spreading) bamboo, and we have been landscaping with butterfly friendly flowers.


On this day the male and female took turns. I have also seen them in there together, which is adorable.


She looks like she is anticipating the coming bath, like a human at the edge of a pool on a hot day.


We don’t have a pool in the backyard for us, just for the birds. Hm.


She was splashing then soaking.


I got this bath for my birthday in March, ordered online from Hayneedle: Smart Somerset Verdigris Solar Bird Bath Fountain. I read that the sound of the water attracts birds.


What a sweetie.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology: Providing Water for Birds

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