What’s up, buttercup?


Does this bird like butter, or what?

Only one photo was in focus, but I’m happy to I got it. Bagged that new bird!

This is a Yellow-throated Warbler, the internet tells me. It was a few blocks away from my home in Sewall’s Point yesterday morning when I went for a walk with my bird camera.


A clear-voiced singer in the treetops in southern woodlands. Yellow-throated Warblers return very early in spring to the pine woods and cypress swamps, where they may be seen foraging rather deliberately along branches high in the trees. In the Midwest, they are typically found in riverside groves of sycamores. During the winter in Florida and other tropical areas, they are commonly seen creeping about in the crowns of palms, probing among the fronds with their long bills.

They eat a variety of insects including mosquitoes, YAY.

That’s Florida bird #64 for me! I am now tied with the number I saw, photographed, identified and blogged about in New Hampshire… in my amateur endeavor to connect with and enjoy the natural world through birds.

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