Daily Archives: February 18, 2017

Feeling nesty


Smile and say, “Wood stork nesting season!”

I went for a walk around the neighborhood with my bird camera yesterday. Snapped these pics on Oakwood Drive in Sewall’s Point.


Wood Storks were in live oak trees collecting branches to fly back to their nesting site, probably just across a small channel of water on Bird Island in the Indian River Lagoon.

Funny to see these very large birds balanced atop trees in people’s front and back yards.


Palms, moon, bird and plane over Oakwood.


Wood Storks are lovely in flight.


With those pretty feathers, graceful wings and ugly bald head, the Wood Stork is really Beauty and the Beast in one bird.

A large, white, bald-headed wading bird of the southeastern swamps, the Wood Stork is the only stork breeding in the United States. Its late winter breeding season is timed to the Florida dry season when its fish prey become concentrated in shrinking pools.