Red bird of love


Valentine bird, this male Northern Cardinal is singing his heart out. Time for true love… or at least sexy mating rituals… in the bird world.

I have heard the cardinals now and then but not seen many since we arrived in early December, until recently. Now they are noisier and more visible. Go for it, guys!


Also in the neighborhood, bougainvillea in Valentine’s Day colors.


Sewall’s Point has wonderful vegetation, layers of trees and shrubs to keep the birds and my eyes happy. Neighborhood walks are so nice.


I am still learning what is growing and blooming around me. That’s the fun part about moving to a new place.


Lots of Zebra Longwing butterflies here. (I just learned that one.)

The species is distributed across South and Central America and as far north as southern Texas and peninsular Florida; there are migrations north into other American states in the warmer months.


Gray squirrel, I know that one.


Bird lover mailbox.

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