Daily Archives: February 12, 2017

Seed-eating sandhill cranes spotted


In a Port St. Lucie front yard, among the lawn statuary, three Sandhill Cranes.


We went down a wrong side road while trying to take a shortcut after buying three ceiling fans. We drove by and I said, “Hey, did you see the sandhill cranes in that yard?” John said, “No, those are statues, like the pink flamingo.” We turned around to drive by again.


Sure enough, they were real. Partaking of bird seed. As hugely out of place at those bird feeders as the wild turkeys used to be under at my feeders in NH.

The omnivorous Sandhill Crane feeds on land or in shallow marshes where plants grow out of the water, gleaning from the surface and probing with its bill. Its diet is heavy in seeds and cultivated grains, but may also include berries, tubers, small vertebrates, and invertebrates.