Night herons have big googly eyes


I surprised this bird on the path to the Indian River Lagoon at Chastain Beach this morning. I think it’s a juvenile Yellow-crowned Night Heron.

img_4898-2 Learn to Identify and Differentiate Night-Herons

Don’t panic: There are only two.

Night heron getting its stalk on.


It caught a crab!


And ate it whole!




After I took pictures and the bird stalked off into the woods, I got my dog Radar out of the car to swim in the calm lagoon waters. We had a nice walk and ball-throw on the ocean beach, but it was too rough to safely swim. And it just wouldn’t be our typical morning routine if I didn’t bring him home sandy and soaking wet. Must do something about my car today!


Pelicans are such a combination of noble and goofy.

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