3 thoughts on “I’m in print, thanks to bluebirds

  1. Linda

    I am so happy I found your blog. I just ordered the magazine! Today I saw red-bellied woodpecker and I am so curious as to why it’s named that. It’s HEAD is orange and its belly is whitish!

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  2. irishfiregirrl

    Amy I enjoyed your article and photos so much in my home (inland SoCal) subscription of Watching Backyard Birds that I had to follow your blog. Curious at your major geographic move, is it addressed in your archive somewhere?
    Regardless, I am happy to find a female bird photojournalist (great composed photos, informative captions). Thank you!


    1. Amy Post author

      Glad you enjoyed the article. Watching Backyard Birds is so fun and informative. We moved mainly because my husband’s job moved. I miss my friends and big backyard in NH but I can’t say I miss winter much!

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