Fence-perching swamp sparrow


One of the sparrows that hang around the garden poses on the fence, in the fog. I think it’s a Swamp Sparrow, which would make it backyard bird #58.


The habitat of a Swamp Sparrow is described by its name: Various wetlands, including freshwater and tidal marshes, bogs, meadows, and swamps.

The boggy red maple swamp begins not far past the garden.

Food: Seeds, fruits, and aquatic invertebrates. Interesting variety.


The swamp sparrow (Melospiza georgiana) is a medium-sized sparrow related to the song sparrow.

(Song sparrow was my first guess, but I kept googling photos of both.)

Adults have streaked rusty, buff and black upperparts with an unstreaked gray breast, light belly and a white throat. The wings are strikingly rusty. Most males and a few females have a rust-colored caps. Their face is gray with a dark line through the eye. They have a short bill and fairly long legs. Immature birds and winter adults usually have two brown crown stripes and much of the gray is replaced with buff.

Might be a young one

Juvenile similar to adult, but with fine streaking on buffy chest.

If anybody knows this is a different kind of sparrow, please let me know!

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