The jay with the jaunty plume


The White-throated Magpie-Jay does not live in New Hampshire. We saw this one in Tamarindo, at the edge of the beach.

My husband and I joined friends in Costa Rica for a week. Home tomorrow and I will share more bird photos.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology Neotropical Birds: Calocitta formosa

In northwestern Costa Rica and southwestern Nicaragua, the magpie-jay prefers deciduous tropical dry forest. An edge specialist, it thrives in cattle ranches and at the edges of towns where isolated nesting trees can be found. However, optimal habitat seems to be a combination of open land for nesting and dry forest for feeding. Magpie-jays may be particularly dependent on ant-acacias for dry-season forage: territories with acacia stands are more productive.



2 thoughts on “The jay with the jaunty plume

  1. Marty Hoh

    we have several nearby and they’re very tame. They eat chili peppers out of our hands.. today one ate Gallo Pinto from my plate.



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