Cormorants on the rocks


Some birds on the rocks off Rye Beach, north of Wallis Sands.


Looks like cormorants.

Must be Great Cormorants, since it is still winter. Double-crested Cormorants are up here in the summer.


Pretty cool looking birds, different, these relatives of boobies and frigate birds.

In Asia and a few other places, they used to use cormorants to fish…


From Wikipedia, Great Cormorant:

Cormorant fishing is practised in China, Japan, and elsewhere around the globe. In it, fishermen tie a line around the throats of cormorants, tight enough to prevent swallowing, and deploy them from small boats. The cormorants catch fish without being able to fully swallow them, and the fishermen are able to retrieve the fish simply by forcing open the cormorants’ mouths, apparently engaging the regurgitation reflex.

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