Flocking sparrows


White-throated sparrow

White-throated Sparrows in a large mixed flock of sparrows scuffling around in the backyard leaves yesterday. There were Dark-eyed Juncos and Fox Sparrows too.


Fox sparrow

Fox Sparrow, not a first in the backyard but on first on this blog, somehow. I am pretty sure I saw them last winter, or maybe spring or fall.

Typically seen sending up a spray of leaf litter as they kick around in search of food, Fox Sparrows are dark, splotchy sparrows of dense thickets. Named for the rich red hues that many Fox Sparrows wear, this species is nevertheless one of our most variable birds, with four main groups that can range from foxy red to gray to dark brown. Since they breed primarily in remote areas, many people see them in winter when the birds move into backyard thickets.

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