Fishing in East Boston


Great Egret fishing in East Boston near the airport.


For our 28th anniversary, my husband and I were staying at the Hyatt Boston Harbor – with great views across the harbor to the city. We got around by water taxi and explored the waterfront and North End (delicious dinner at Bacco). We also went on a Duck Tour with our youngest daughter, a college student in Boston with a summer job there too.


My husband (an airline captain) got back to Logan Airport from a trip at 3 a.m. and met me at the hotel. I was first up that morning, so I took a stroll on the Harborwalk and watched this elegant bird, among other things.


A lovely member of the bittern and heron family, Aredeidae, in the order Pelicaniformes – it’s amazing how white this Great Egret’s feathers stayed even while wading Boston Harbor at muddy low tide.

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