Song and other sparrows

song sparrow

Song Sparrow a couple of days ago, during yet another snow event.

There are many song sparrows now, occasionally at the feeders but mostly scuffling around on the ground. As I post this at 6:30 a.m. Saturday morning, I can hear them singing… quite loudly.

We are hitting that time of year when it’s impossible to sleep through the dawn chorus. Not that I would want to!

All About Birds: Song Sparrow Songs and Calls

song and tree sparrows

Song Sparrow and Tree Sparrow.

The tree sparrows, daily winter visitors, will be leaving soon to fly north. Adios, amigos.

song sparrow

One by one I am learning my sparrows.

GBBC: What’s that sparrow?

This is cool…


Discovered via Prairie Birder: BirdFaces!

More BirdFaces on Facebook.

Tempted to buy one of these BirdFace coffee mugs for my bird-friendly coffee. Birds are a good way to start the day.

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