Purple finch, check!

purple finch

Where have you been, my pretty friends?

First Purple Finch sighting this winter.

purple finch back

I was careful to ID them and be sure they weren’t House Finches. This backside view shows color on the wings too, which is not present on house finches, I read.

Cornell: Recognizing House Finches and Purple Finches

House finch “males vary in color from orange-red to a deeper purple-red, but wings lack much coloring and the flanks are streaked.”


PBase: Purple Finch vs House Finch

The most obvious field mark is the bill. The bill of the Purple Finch is conical shaped whereas the upper mandible of the House Finch is curved downward.

We had a visit from House Finches in November. See pics HERE.

purple finches

Two purple finches and a tree sparrow on the hanging seed tray.

The Purple Finch is the bird that Roger Tory Peterson famously described as a “sparrow dipped in raspberry juice.” For many of us, they’re irregular winter visitors to our feeders, although these chunky, big-beaked finches do breed in northern North America and the West Coast.


Purple Finches readily come to feeders for black oil sunflower seeds.

This is my 36th “backyard bird”!

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