Low profile loon

Common Loon

Common Loon, yesterday at Rye Harbor

Where do the loons go when the lakes freeze? See answer above.

Sometimes when I’m out doing errands I swing by the coast on the way home and see what I can see.

We moved here from South Florida almost 17 years ago. It took me a few winters to realize these birds on their smooth sea cruises, sailing along with streamlined bulk then disappearing in a dive, were actually … ah-oooo… loons.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology: Common Loon, Gavia immer

On a North Woods lake in summer, loons stick out conspicuously as large, tuxedoed birds swimming about in the middle of the lake. They can be very vocal and easy to locate, as the yodeling of one loon will often elicit a chorus response from other loons in the area. In winter, loons adopt a much quieter profile along coastal waters, wearing drab, gray plumage. They typically stay close to shore, though, so a scan out to sea with your binoculars will often reveal loons hidden among the waves.

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