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Turkeys in the snow

atlantic turkeys

After more than two feet of snow from Winter Storm Juno Monday night through early Wednesday, then 3 or 4 more inches yesterday (Friday), I spotted a flock of wild turkeys in someone’s plowed driveway on Atlantic Ave. in North Hampton.

atlantic turkeys 2

Where do they go, what do they eat, how do they get around in deep snow?

I submitted a report to the NH Fish and Game Winter Turkey Flock Survey.

This year’s New Hampshire winter wild turkey flock survey runs from January 1 through March 31. We need you to report flocks you see! Your observations will help Fish and Game biologists assess the impact of winter weather on our turkey population. Thank you for volunteering to help in this effort as a “citizen scientist.”

Goldfinches in disguise

pine siskins

Pine Siskins persist.

Audubon Field Guide: Pine Siskin

Although it is patterned like a sparrow, its shape, actions, and callnotes all reveal that this bird is really a goldfinch in disguise.

pine siskins and goldfinches

Pine Siskins feeding with American Goldfinches during Winter Storm Juno.

After nesting in the conifer woods, Pine Siskins move out into semi-open country, where they roam in twittering flocks. They often descend on fields of thistles or wild sunflowers, where they cling to the dried flower heads, eating seeds. In winter they sometimes invade southward in big numbers, with flocks coming to feeders along with American Goldfinches.


Courtship and formation of pairs may begin in winter flocks; male displays by flying in circle above female, with wings and tail spread widely, while singing.



Very erratic in its winter occurrence, coming south in huge numbers some years, very scarce in others. After big invasion winters, a few may remain to nest south of normal range.

That would be nice.