A bird from my bigger “backyard”

sunrise hampton beach

Sunrise Hampton Beach, N.H.

My husband and I went out for a bagel and coffee at Jumpin’ Jacks Java yesterday morning. Great beach views from their front windows on Route 1A/ Ocean Boulevard.

A little bit later we were driving north along the coast and saw a couple of crows mobbing something at the top of an evergreen tree in North Hampton, just across from the ocean on the Little Boar’s Head promontory.

bald eagle north hampton

It was a bald eagle! I have seen them over the Merrimack River and Great Bay in winter, but never in (my town) North Hampton.

A local birder reported 3 others in the area yesterday too.

Looks like the good trend continues…

Concord Monitor last February: Bald eagles enjoying resurgence in N.H.

During a January bald eagle count, volunteers with New Hampshire Audubon set a new state record. On Jan. 12, they counted 67 eagles in five regions, the most in one day in the event’s 30-year history. The previous high was 61, which had been recorded three times since 2008. Between Jan. 1 and Jan. 15 volunteers counted 83 birds, one shy of the state record for the annual two-week watch.

“The bird is finally almost fully recovered from a real depressed population back in the 1970s,” said Chris Martin, a senior biologist and predatory bird specialist with New Hampshire Audubon.


Based on the annual mid-winter counts, the number of bald eagles in the state has doubled every decade since 1983, when volunteers tallied only seven birds. In 1993, 21 eagles were recorded. Ten years later, 40 birds were spotted. While the numbers aren’t definitive, organizers use a consistent number of volunteers to check the same areas at the same time of year.

“I’m not saying there are exactly 67 bald eagles in New Hampshire. There are clearly more than that,” Martin said. “But by using the same method every year, we see where the numbers are going, which reflects the population throughout New England is recovering and growing in a big-picture way.”

bald eagle talons

Eagle flies away. Nice talons.

More photos from our January Saturday morning on Flickr.

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