Red-breasted Nuthatch!

Red-breasted Nuthatch

“Red-breasted Nuthatch!”


“Look! Look! Right there! Oh… it’s gone.”


“It’s back! C’m’ere! Look! See that little nuthatch looking thing?”


“Isn’t that amazing?”


red-breasted nuthatch chickadee

“I’ve never seen one before. They come down from more northern coniferous forests sometimes in winter, I read. How cool is that?”

“Really cool.”

red-breasted nuthatch and chickadee

“Isn’t it cute? It’s so tiny. Smaller than a chickadee.”

“Yes. Cute.”

“It’s so fast. I can’t believe I’m actually getting some photos.”

red-breasted nuthatch and titmouse

“Hey, it likes my homemade suet dough!”

“Mm hm.”

“I’m pretty sure there are two of them. I hope they keep visiting all winter.”

“Me too.”

red-breasted nuthatch v chickadee

“I’m counting for Project Feederwatch today, so I can include it. Also it’s #96 on my eBird list. I started keeping track of birds last January and my rule was I could count them if I also got a photo.”

“Do you think you will get to 100 before the New Year?”

“Yes but I’ll probably have to go look somewhere other than the backyard. Want to take a drive along the coast with me and my camera?”

“I can’t think of anything I’d rather do.”

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