Lurking crow


Big black crow and fat gray squirrel, cleaning up under bird feeder.

Crow likes the cracked corn in the seed mix.

This crow was here off and on for a week, a couple of weeks ago. I suspect it was keeping an eye on the soon-to-be fledglings in the nearby bluebird nest box.

The blue jays don’t usually tolerate crows, mobbing to drive them off. Not sure why this one, for one week, was the exception to the rule. Maybe they were in corvid cahoots. Blue jays eat baby birds too.

American CrowThey usually feed on the ground and eat almost anything – typically earthworms, insects and other small animals, seeds, and fruit but also garbage, carrion, and chicks they rob from nests. Their flight style is unique, a patient, methodical flapping that is rarely broken up with glides.

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